I have noticed that the subject in everybody’s conversations these days (besides employment and the market ), is going green. It is around – TV, newspapers, magazines – you name it and it likely has something about going green. Do not get me wrong, I think it’s excellent. I do think it’s important to take care of the environment, but what I hear to do to help appears to be on a bigger scale. Well, I found some simple green parenting ideas to follow, which may help save the environment.

I had been on one of my very favorite websites, babycenter.com, and they had an article on measures to take to go green and something caught my attention. They reported that many baby wipes require a few hundred years to break down. To tell the truth, I never really gave much thought to the footprint they leave on the environment. I read that on average folks use about 5,000 wipes per infant, so there are a lot of wipes in landfills. So as an alternative, I discovered that there are businesses that have generated 100% biodegradable wipes.

1 company I’ve seen specifically is Nature Babycare and they provide an assortment of biodegradable products such as biodegradable wipes. According to a post from the Mother Nature Network, children use a mean of eight diapers a day until they are potty-trained. So if you take a mean age of 2 1/2 years to potty train a child then you’re looking at roughly 7,300 used diapers and that’s only for one child! Just think of all of the diapers out there which are in landfills for many years (and the wipes). Instead of using disposable diapers are today’s version of cloth diapers.

I understand what you are most likely thinking, “cloth diapers, never”, but the thing which makes it different from our parents’ time would be that the inserts that fit A company named gDiapers have produced a 100% biodegradable insert that’s, in fact, safe to flush down the toilet. Tip #3 – Buy wood toys Rather than plastic From the book, Green Parenting, it states that plastic and battery-operated toys may contain toxic materials such as phthalates or plastic softeners.

This can be dangerous for a number of reasons, one mainly because it appears that many infants learn by putting things in their mouths, I can personally attest to this, my kid is at this point and puts everything in her mouth. So the reply to this is to buy wood toys completed with nontoxic paint rather than the plastic ones. They might not be as shiny or as loud (which actually might be a fantastic thing for parents), but they do not contain the dangerous toxins that are crucial.

The company Wooden Toys carries over 500 wood items which are each crafted with non-toxic paint and 100% kid-safe design. Because most parents have probably noticed, it’s amazing the number of toys, activity centers, and clothing. That is recommended for infants to grow and learn. Personally, my daughter’s clothing and equipment appear to outnumber our possessions by at least two to one, and she’s just four months old! Not only are these items generally bulky and take up space, but it can also become expensive keeping up with her development. To attempt and combat this, I have begun to find parents exchanging toys and clothes.

This might help save a good deal of money also it can save storage space. Tip #5 – Create your own baby food or purchase organic In a post on green parenting called”10 Tips for Green Parenting” they state “in addition to being better for the environment, natural healthy food, in the beginning, reduces the later risk of cardiovascular disease, allergies, and behavioral difficulties, and several other ailments”. Whether this is entirely true or not, it’s something to consider. 1 means to do this is by creating your own baby food.

It has been a”hot” topic for lots of my friends with babies, and I have read it is rather easy to make yourself. But if you like the idea but would like some help to make the job easier, then Williams Sonoma has a product called the Beaba Babycook. It’s a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster in one small appliance which makes it effortless to prepare fresh, healthy meals for a baby (I have not tried it out, however, if making baby food is not your thing you could always buy organic baby food at the neighborhood grocery store, which can be healthy and nutritious.